March 23rd, 2010 / 3:08 pm
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Three Seattle Things



Prose poems by Seattle treasure, John Olson, read at Pilot Books during Small Press Fest. Go here to see Brandon Downing introduce Mr. Olson. I missed this reading. I hate that I missed this reading.

Suggested John Olson books: The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat, Free Stream Velocity, Eggs and Mirrors.


In treasured writer slash treasure-hunting news, Ryan Boudinot’s geocaching story project “Found and Lost” continues. It appears that copies of the story “Juan” now exist in California and North Carolina. Fans of short fiction and fans of GPS device-based tracking games take note.

Another Seattle treasure is the producer Vitamin D. To celebrate his birthday, he gave away a free 9-song EP called Bornday, much of which he says was recorded on his birthday. Go here for a link and grab it.

Which reminds me: I started A Jello Horse on my birthday. Anyone else feel a creative urge on their born day? Anything of note come out of it?

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