December 20th, 2012 / 9:20 pm
Word Spaces

collages and blood: literary criticism

The following post consists of two things:

  1. Collages I’ve made on 5×8″ index cards over the past year and a half
  2. Paper towels and tissues I’ve used to stop myself from bleeding, the result of pulling off hangnails while sitting in front of a computer

I view this as an example of literary criticism (feel free to do otherwise).




















One of these collages originally appeared in screaming seahorse.  More collages can be viewed at  Thank you.


  1. Jackson Nieuwland

      This is fantastic.
      I love this

  2. Brooks Sterritt

      Thanks for posting this. Have you read Ernst’s Une Semaine De Bonte? (“dragon014” put me in mind of it a bit)

  3. jmbg

      high art

  4. Luke Geddes
  5. Nathan Jackson


  6. Ben Stainton

      Yes. Yes yes.

  7. Weeatherhead


  8. Weeatherhead

      nice. thanks. i hadn’t heard of that. seems amazing.

  9. Marcus Speh

      I like these very much. You should check out Hanna Höch. In the 1920’s creatives knew that everything was connected. atoday they spend a lot of effort trying to convince themselves and us of the opposite. Your work transcends this rather beautifully. It looks as if you lost some blood in the process: that’s what good Bordeaux wine is for!

  10. christ almighty

      really really good congratulations, thank you

  11. Andrew Colville

      hell yeah