November 17th, 2011 / 9:52 pm
Word Spaces


Due to the recent turn of events in the Occupy movement — by which I mean it is turning into a movement, not only because of the fact it is literally moving but because the real test of a movement occurs when the opposition tries to purge it — I feel obliged to do my small part in suggesting a word for what the occupiers are against. Perhaps you think there are existing words to describe what is opposed; and this is true, of course, there are lots of words; among them: corporate greed, economic disparity, banking malfeasance, shady lending, bullshit, derivatives, the 1%, fat cats, motherfuckers, etc. But consider for a moment that prior to 1944 there was no word for genocide. The explanation for this is simple, genocide was not a word — no one had thought to make it up. There were some other words to describe what was going on, such as: holocaust, perfidy, atrocity, burning people alive, etc. But, as there was no word for genocide, this made it difficult to discuss or wrap one’s head around what it meant when one race wanted to destroy another; that’s why Raphael Lemkin coined the term genocide, from the latin genus (a race) and –cide (to kill).

So I would like to offer up the term gulogulo. It’s a clunky word, I know, but so is the greasy sect it describes. It can easily be modified to wield as an adjective, e.g., “I just saw some gulogulous assclown punch a flower child in the face.” Gulogulo evokes the tyranny of the Gulag, the brutality of a masculinized Caligula, the monstrosity of the half-man, half-snake G.I. Joe villain Globulus (who gets his name from globule, a particle, often of fat, or, in astronomy, “a small dark cloud of gas and dust seen against a brighter background”); but most importantly it is a compound version of gulo gulo, a fun way to say wolverine. Gulo is latin for glutton, and in many parts of Europe wolverines are commonly known as gluttons — like fierce-ass war pigs.


There is even a German board game called “Gulo Gulo,” wherein:

Each player is a Gulo, or wolverine, trying to rescue a baby Gulo who got caught by the swamp vulture whose eggs it was trying to steal. Unfortunately for the baby Gulo, all the adult Gulos are distracted by all the delicious swamp vulture eggs, and it has to wait very, very patiently as the adults constantly trip the very, very sensitive “egg alarm” rigged by the vulture to scare off the pesky Gulos.

In this game you are apparently playing as the villainous nature of corporate greed, gulogulocity. And the vulture, whom we can think of as the 99%, is doing its job to protect the eggs. For me this game is symbolic of the media’s basic view of the situation: they see as clearly as anyone what is going on, but they are placed in a position that forces them to see gulogulodom as an unfortunate but necessary function of the world. From their view, if the gulo doesn’t win, where will they get their eggs?

The essential mechanic of the game is to try to pull an egg of a particular color and move to a tile of that color on the linear path toward the bowl, and the little stack of tiles hiding the baby Gulo tile. If you set off the alarm, or knock any eggs out of the bowl, your Gulo is sent back to the previous tile of the attempted color. If there’s no such tile, then back to the start he goes!

I don’t think we will ever see the end of gulogulocity (as in G.I. Joe, Cobra always comes back for more), nor can we go back to the way things were before these gulogulous individuals gained power. The gulogulo is really nothing new; it has always been around. But it took way too long for the egg alarm to go off. And now we have to deal with a ferocious bunch of gulogulos, the claws of which manifest as the long arm of the law. No, I’m sorry to say, gulogulo is here to stay. But at least now we know more about it, at least now we are aware that it exists, because you can’t skim off the fat you can’t see.

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  1. Bobby Dixon

      “And now we have to deal with a ferocious bunch of gulogulos, the (wolverine) claws of which manifest as the long arm of the law. ”

      This was great. Thanks, RS. 

  2. deadgod

      Are wolverines unjust?  Are they parasites?

  3. Emma

      Except genocide means to define a condemned act while gulogulo means to condemn a group of people. Demonization is always dangerous. 

  4. reynard

      people make demons of themselves

  5. MJ

      That photo is ridiculous. Fabulous. But ridiculous.

  6. reynard

      no, but they are bastards




  8. Jesus


  9. reynard

      jesus is probably right

  10. Jesus

      jesus loves you

  11. Laura Carter

      This Wall Street situation, at least for me, in my opinion, makes the attention to language (Lacan’s discussion of law, etc.) seem like so much old theory. I’ve praised it before—obey the law, be “split,” etc., but a lot of that just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sean

      I think we need a pronunciation key…

  13. reynard


  14. 88888888888888888888888

      Robocop and the merman should be the mascots of the movement.

  15. shaun gannon

      leave that flower child alone, golgo 13!!

  16. Lilzed

      Wacky-doodle poopie pie. What? I’m just having fun.

  17. deadgod



  18. reynard

      ‘call me macaroni’

  19. deadgod

      now you calumniate the Mustelidae

      you hate animals enough to call them banksters

      kick that puppy bro!

  20. Lilzed


  21. deadgod

      fossils were put in the dirt to test our faith ??

      I’m an earthling Jesus welcome

  22. Lilzed

      Honestly tho why are you having fun on our clock. Why cant you just write something more meaningful

  23. reynard

      one of the meanings of meaningful is ‘communicating something that is not directly expressed’

      if this is your clock i suggest you set your alarm because it is time to wake up

      honestly tho thanks for reading & caring to share
      but if you don’t like it there’s a lot to be found elsewhere

  24. Lilzed

      reading your piece i just wouldn’t know what to infer. it started off well with your talk of words being invented but the word you chose is so ridiculous that it seems to mock your initial insight.

      “I don’t think we will ever see the end of gulogulocity (as in G.I. Joe,
      Cobra always comes back for more), nor can we go back to the way things
      were before these gulogulous individuals gained power. The gulogulo is
      really nothing new; it has always been around.”

      do you see how the “inevitable-ism” here is itself a snooze button? If the US starts implementing austerity measures like what’s happening in Italy and what happened in Greece, do you think that would be “inevitable” or “really nothing new” ?

  25. reynard


      Vanity of vanities, says Qoheleth,
      vanity of vanities! All things are vanity!
      What profit has man from all the labor
      which he toils at under the sun?
      One generation passes and another comes,
      but the world forever stays.
      The sun rises and the sun goes down;
      then it presses on to the place where it rises.
      Blowing now toward the south, then toward the north,
      the wind turns again and again, resuming its rounds
      All rivers go to the sea,
      yet never does the sea become full.
      To the place where they go,
      the rivers keep on going.
      All speech is labored;
      there is nothing man can say.
      The eye is not satisfied with seeing
      nor is the ear filled with hearing.

  26. Jesus

      i’m an atheist with a sense of humor

      welcome to earth, deadgod

  27. Ron

      and juggalo, and giuliani

  28. alex crowley

      Golgotha! Jesus, what a hill that was, eh?

  29. alex crowley

      “gulagulo” sounds like the shape of a pre-hocked loogie. I like it.

  30. deadgod

      loogie display-case at the pawn shop

  31. deadgod

      eyes were goo-goo ga choob

  32. deadgod

      advertising a “sense of humor” by repeating a joke

      sweet gulogulosity, Jesus

  33. Jesus

      look again

      my joke is better than yours

  34. deadgod

      meta gulogulosity

      sweet optometry, Jesus

  35. Guestagain

      inevitable and new

  36. Lilzed

      to me that’s an oxymoron bc what the mind can’t define it also can’t expect.

  37. Jon Boulier

      Sounds too much like Juggalo.

  38. marshall


  39. Guestagain

      or stumbling through history with avarice and incompetence all around