April 3rd, 2012 / 2:11 pm
Word Spaces


2 13 12

Peace be upon Allah
Peace be upon two rams gliding the sunset
Peace be upon music and peace
Peace be upon fires, may peace be upon him
Peace be upon brittle dark antelopes
Peace be upon the ranging palisade
Peace be upon calibration
Peace be upon whirring, and soft mantles
Let peace happen as a slander
Peace be upon cryptic vibrations, peace undulate through chunked hearts of mazes and flow through

Peace be upon hemorrhages and racked tall lands
Peace be upon fostering and the mental
Peace be upon stone harvest
Peace be upon magazine
Peace be upon mutation assiduity
Peace be upon fostering, and the stellar ovum climes
Peace be upon sepaled letters gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Peace be upon clever little hearts and the king’s feast and his many supplicants
standing by like bright shields and the unbearable wilderness
Peace be upon the wooly mammouth, his stead and likeness
Peace be upon methamphetamine, storm and groat nape
Peace be upon the living chalk and the eternal turtle and the joining together of turtles in peace
Peace be upon the waist-high in wheat
Peace be upon sectioned unknown lavish tidings
Peace be upon Hercules, forgotten
Peace be upon the curtain hanging from the arch of the viaduct
Peace be upon the startling desirous buried foot, let peace
rain down upon him in great sludge rivers traveling under morning fresh mists
Peace be upon turtles, large and small
When I was young I kept small turtles,
I watched the turtles set themselves on rocks
I gave the turtles a lamp, and water, and small fragments of food
I cleaned the tank and stirred the water and fostered moisture
I watched over the turtles and by watching over them cared for them
There were two turtles that were sisters
Let peace rope out like a gooey schlong

Let peace be upon time, as it never happened and ineluctable equationing
Peace be upon calmness in the bodies’ dead faces
Peace be upon villages that surface and erode in
the ash hallway
Peace be upon fretted blood geysers
Peace be upon the shoulders menaced by the still and tedious mountains
Peace be upon sharpened up
peace be upon selections and selecting things and deselecting and the good warmth of laundry
The turtles were capable and I was capable
The turtles, free on the lawn humping across slivers of chalk
Thinking of the grass as world
Peace be upon the bell mint and the timeliness of the bell tone
That stupid, opulent selfish tone of the bell the struggle for pearls

2 15 12

Peace be upon pearls
Peace be upon the eternally sashed halves and deep blanks in the corrosion
Peace be upon crowded gifts of weapons, toil like a gilt shard
that is the others as strength crushed pills
One is here and the many are here in the environ of song
Peace be upon the lifting gradation
and being sorted in heights and being processed in heights and being
forgotten in a precocious native cinch Peace be upon none of us, it is so terrible and the oldest the oldest
sacred thought in the swaying sheen.
Peace be upon
Peace be upon reddish coiled open affirmation and the hills of man
Peace be upon emitting that never tangles, They are covered by coverings that might loosen
essentially. Peace upon though rising
The peace upon peace. Diaries. I don’t understand anything except Peace be upon the ingratiating riches that possessors delight in caressing
glad to lay out on blue tinted moss that is the gathering
and reform from a simple cell
Peace be upon a probe that wriggles
As with teachers when indeed they teach.
Peace be upon this dragged to death body
that we think might still live.
Peace be upon Peace be upon this tethers
Peace be upon this vial that open unshapes the world
Let violence have peace and that newer deterioration
Have also it a peace.
I totally.
Jagged and insidiously hued. Dark and just a few lifts.
Peace be upon household likening to shade
Peace be upon this sweet encasement
Peace be upon frontal dew
The bottoms are like a thriving vial
ocean and lashed and very real and
tumescent within Peace be upon
Upon peace
Upon peace
Upon peace
Upon peace
Upon peace
Upon peace


  1. Hux

      Are you at war or at peace?or are war and peaceplaying their little game over your dead body  

  2. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      from the bottom or the top of a fecund stretch of mud, yertle raps to the moon: “peace be the greeting of the insect tribe”
      and the moon, a big fan of 90’s hiphop, raps back: “pestilent forces can’t catch the vibe”

  3. Anonymous