November 13th, 2012 / 4:11 pm
Author News

So Say the Waiters

I hope Justin Sirois gets back to work soon. He’s written five installments of a really fun serial novel called So Say the Waiters. It’s as gripping as 24 or whatever your favorite TV show is these days. Each episode, which takes like an hour to read, ends with a cliffhanger.

I hope he gets back to work because I really want know what happens in episode 6.

Since the beginning of autumn, Justin has been releasing the episodes separately as eBooks for like $.99. Now he’s bundled what I guess would be the “first season” in a printed book, and he’s doing a contest to promote it. To win the contest, you have to send in a kidnapping scenario. The best idea, as judged by Michael Kimball and Ken Baumann, will have their submission written into a future section of the book. That’s neat.

It might seem weird that the contest is based on writing a kidnapping situation, but it wouldn’t if you’re familiar with So Say the Waiters. It’s all about this smartphone app/social network through which people can sign up to be kidnapped. It’s actually not that farfetched, the way Justin handles it. The characters seem like real people. They just want to escape for a while.

When I want to escape, I read a book like this one. I read it on my iPhone.



  1. Michael J Seidlinger

      My kidnapping scenario involves YOU. Yes, YOU. I’m talking to YOU.

  2. Justin Sirois

      With Ken Baumann and Michael Kimball as contest judges, bring on the kidnApping.

  3. A D Jameson

      Kidnap my student loans.

  4. Justin Sirois

      KidnApp Sallie Mae? i actually think I might write that into the series.

  5. mingtian835