THE 8TMLGIANT READING SERIES UPDATE: March 8th in Amherst & April 8th in Seattle

Posted by @ 6:14 pm on March 2nd, 2009


So yeah. Double you tee eff?

Once upon a time, Matthew Simmons sent an internal HTMLGIANT email talking about an April 8th reading in Seattle with hot licks Chelsea Martin, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Zachary Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, and Frayn Masters. He mused that we should have some kind of official HTMLGIANT reading series. Lo and behold, I’d already set up a March 8th NOÖ Journal reading. If you can tie your shoes, you can probably figure out that we decided to knight the 8th of every month as the official HTMLGIANT Reading Day and call our Reading Series 8TMLGIANT. If you’ve got a lie detector strapped to your scroll knobs, you may have already figured out that I actually just invented that name on my own. So take all proclamations of officiousness, like always, as just good offense, and take the new 8TMLGIANT Reading Series as a sort of shotgun hike for live literature done by people who spend a lot of their eyes on the computer. Go forth and sprint. CONTROVERSY: Kevin Sampsell thinks 8TMLGIANT is dorky.

Wow, what do you guys do, just sit around cumming on each others’ faces or what? Jesus Christ. Serious. Not serious. Calm down. Speed up. I have a face. It’s being nostalgic right now. Do you see it? Do any of you actually write, like, real shit?

I’m happy to report that Blake Butler, Christopher Cheney, Claire Donato, Rachel B. Glaser, and Bradley Sands all right “reel shit” and you can sea them March Aeth at 6PM in Amherst, MA at the Blaak Zeep. Sew dew. Eye right reel shit two, butt that evening I’ll just be wearing a cowboy hat, which doesn’t quite count. Then come see Blake, Claire, and me in Providence the next day. The plan is: so many events we turn into static.

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