September 17th, 2013 / 11:53 am
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franzen better

a soft target

okay, so, Franzen’s been toasted again:

“Every woman must decide how not to sleep with Jonathan Franzen . . . how best to escape his sexual clutches if (she) ever encountered him on the path that led to the nearest market town” —

(from The Toast)

“for he shall be riding on a white steed, and his right hand will bear no glove. When you see him, you must rush at him, and throw your kirtle over him, and hold fast to him –”

(from The Toast)

But is it funny? In poor taste?

click here to read the “Toast” in full



  1. deadgod

      “The most he will do is write novels at you.”

      Very funny; not the most tasteless of Franzenfreude (have a run through the also-but-less funny comments).

      Franzen has a peculiar talent for saying unobjectionable things — ‘I’m sometimes disproportionately irritated by calculatedly irritating people, like cheapskates.’ and ‘I wimped out of a sexual opportunity and later felt regretful about my actions.’ — and getting people to pull out their dicks to show him who’s bigger.

  2. Don

      Franzen was not “toasted”. He was misread.