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Carina Finn’s Poetry Youth

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Some people, especially the eldery and more stuffy members of the Poetry Community, are disturbed by Carina Finn and her Poetry’s (LEMONWORLD & Other Poems)– brashness and bubbly-ness, “bratty”-ness. There’s an unwritten rule, for many, that success needs to be earned, not just by talent and the writing itself, but by paying your dues. (Gross!)

For these Ageists, these bigots, strong “bratty” writing is like Spring, cruel and raw, ruthless, and something to cry and bitch about. Blah, blah, blah.

But, anyways, following Joe Hall’s Poetry Road and Reb Livingston’s Poetry Home, this is the 3rd such photo shoot/interview where, again, the only rule was that Carina answer in language from her new book, LEMONDWORLD & Other Poems)

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Besides Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift (is she really like Nazi art?), and One Direction what sort of “music” and sound-shit have you been chillin’ and lemonin’ and glitterin’ and rindin’ and zestin’ around in the great spiraling and strait-expanses of yr Poetry Youth?

Modern princess, fields of burlesque – goldenpony played my heart to the beat. Hello hurricane was like a rocket to the moon. O, heartsrevolution! Denim again, Chickadee. Your rock heart castle meant too much. I just wanna groove.

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When Ageism (your true and unshakeable foil and mate) is absent how do you deal with and/or provide for all the horny denturers, flaccid churches, hobbling and gimp perverts, peeping Timothys and peeping Tracys, nursing home refuse– I mean all the grey hair, the blue, the tin foil, all the knees, hips and sad-elbow fellatio?

Let’s not try to figure everything out all at once. The girl with red specs found all kinds of historical documents. Like a dead camel coat. Chernobyl child. Life’s good, nightlight. Doublemercy pushing kiddo, let me play the violin for you. It was like baby baby baby oooh. Who will stop this tiresome rain?

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Poetry Youth’s famous for its outrageous and highly-addictive brat-energy, its fire and fuck you, its dance on yr grave because well because because, but tell us a bit about slowness and wisdom (if any) and wiry silences that you’ve blooded, throttled, rattled and drank in yr Poetry Youth?

I don’t know what to do with myself – build politics in space, brick by boring brick? Dream a little truth with grace? Girlworld, slashed on the dancefloor, burn a towntrip quick. Lazy shakeit killed my baby.  Excuse my black veil, I am off to paint.

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Ok, I cant take it any more (shiver, shiver). We have to address the elephant in the room: what contributions-ra ra-are you going to make for next year’s National Poetry Month?

f**k me. I am famouse !

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carinna with meat

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Rimbaud, classic enfant terrible, claimed Baudelaire and Verlaine were the only true living Gods, besides himself, and then he traded guns to slave traders in desert North Africa– can you tell us a bit about Gods and ways to make money, catch thrills and c-notes, above and below the table in the seedy and fertile precincts of Poetry Youth?

You bet your someday valentine. Festival fashion for the lads is bow and snow but by golly, French navy. The diamond lentils bloom another winter, salute the dying race. Roll in darkshadow. Billionaire discipline the color of our grunge vibes. Glowcream fuck. Happy bird-day! A stranger’s heart will blow dirty rich.

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Dylan Thomas, Welsh Brat, described the universe inside his body (stars, sea, God, earth, animals– everything piles into the mind and body he sang) but then he died of too much tequila and poetic arthritis: can you tell us about some of yr astronomic blunders and coups achieved in the lights and darknesses of Poetry Youth flesh-universes?

Bare failure teaches a wrecked man computer love. Smart girls after hours in museums got lost in the circus. Flying propane nightmares. A body is a car accident. Girly sequins fuck in the morning, natural. Little green riding hood is an addict from the past. Whimsical-pale. Divorce is a pair of headphones.

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Carinna a-1

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Bio: Carina Finn likes to knit, play bridge and go birding with her rambunctious pals. Carina’s favorite movies are “Lincoln,” “Cloud Atlas,” and “The Bridges of Madison County.” Carina, more than anything else, does not abide vulgar language, violence and gratuitous sexual content. Carina is most comfortable in front of a slot machine.

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