Do You Want To Help An Independent Author Get Fancy Drunk?

Posted by @ 4:27 pm on May 16th, 2010

Sasha Fletcher reports via GMail chat on how we can turn indie lit commerce into alcoholic camaraderie:

so there’s like 20 copies left

and if we sell out today, ja will paypal me money to get drunk on fancy beers
What’s he talking about? He’s talking about his novella When All Our Days Are Numbered Marching Bands Will Fill the Streets & We Will Not Hear Them Because We Will Be Upstairs in the Clouds, which you can pre-order from MLP. It’s a fine adventure, strange and hellbent on sweetness. Not only will Fletcher get drunk if you pre-order fast enough, but you will get some swag, including an exclusive PDF chapbook with bonus chapters and art from Zach Dodson, who is responsible for the fine picture to the left. If your sky has ever looked like the sky in that picture, maybe now’s the time to act.