March 8th, 2012 / 8:05 pm
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Franzen’s tweets sans ‘p’


  1. leapsloth14

      Somebody getting into the zone tonight. Good to hang with you Chicago, Jimmy. 

  2. Bobby Dixon

      “feel that rolling ennies in my mouth are a form of economic nostalgia”

  3. John Doe

      Dude, cold lay is so overrated, them and muse. they have some good works, but i’ve never been a huge ro onent of their works

  4. rawbbie

      I would read the shit out of ‘Freedom’ translated into wingdings.

  5. deadgod

      ha ha ha  replacements (for sempiternal omissions)

      schlong, italian doll-coffee, bit . ly [together], shindigs/soirees, Mr. Gwyneth’s band, [RT unnoticeable], chanters, flatfeet, doling out, /

  6. Matthew Snee

      Ha ha, “The Socialist’s Daughter” funniest thing I have heard all day. It’s sad though that books like that are actually written… and published — a lot.  

  7. Matthew Snee

      I just reread Roxane’s article on Salon, and then the comments for it.  Damn does she get flamed.  I guess I always knew Salon readers were assholes — I certainly am.   Thank you Roxane.

  8. Dylan Kinnett

      there’s still a “p” in “imperceptible” here.

  9. Jimmy Chen

      when u retweet something u can’t edit it, it simply retweets; so, as a comprehensive realist, i struggled with whether or not to take the sans p literally, or actually, and chose the latter. with the missing p’s in ‘http,’ i similarly struggled, but ultimately felt imagined franzen deleting each ‘p,’ and felt giddy about that

  10. deadgod

      There’s the option of ” @ copiedhandle RT Hand-copied text. “, with a gap (or, with some editorial arrogance, a bracketed emendation, as I’ve offered without brackets).  Not sure how strict Franz-o is in applying constraints, but one could choose-as-constrained only direct retweets that conform to the master-constraint.  (Question:  in Perec’s book, is there no cheating in the text Perec directly authored?  He was joyfully rigid in playing the constraint game? –as a kind of erotic exercise.)

      Am unusually sure that if Franz-o tried such a project and cheated-at-solitaire in this way, he’d be angrily denounced for conniving to support capitalistic degradation of Everything Virtuous, Franzen Derangement Syndrome seems so annihilatory of nuance to me.

      Would, on twitter, the http : // introduction to an address print in blue – that is, be an active link – if the “p” were left out?