January 28th, 2011 / 4:21 pm
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Go Ahead: It is Friday

Man don’t drink none ain’t natural.

The beloved may be treacherous, greasy-headed, and given to evil habits.

It makes me feel like I have four legs instead of two.

Like my lemonade funny.

Ridiculed, beaten, thrown into a crowd.


Beer has a nice bitter taste after ice cream. Next to music, beer is the best.

The theme is the theme of humiliation.

Are you a hunchback or an old cripple? Whiskey on the house!

They are the we of me.

So why add orange juice?

Listen: if you want to steal the dessert spoon just steal the dessert spoon.

Are you a lawyer, agent, or friend?

Life is good. But there are problems.

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One Comment

  1. deadgod

      Those are gripped paintings. OHNE is a nice pun (= ‘WITHOUT’). Is that Herbie Bush growing quasimodo out his back, werehuman-style?