i took the two and smashed them together until they became a solid piece of total beauty

Posted by @ 12:28 pm on November 6th, 2008

>>His family gave up on him. Everyone did. No one listened but Bukowski. They wrote to each other like lovers. Like father and son. There are more than 150 letters between Richmond and Bukowski, mostly written in the mid 1960s. You’ll never read them. They’ve been censored out of existence by Bukowski Inc. The Richmond/Bukowski letters are bad for business. Bad for the Bukowski business. Bad for the rare books trade.<<

Today at Dennis Cooper’s Den of Awesome, we learn all about the poet Steve Richmond.


Hey, I woke up today!
And there was the sun again
shooting in through the shades
and spearing me in the eye!
And the clock! Still alive!
and the rug was not on fire!
and the lawn! The trees! The gutter!
All there! Once again!

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