December 17th, 2010 / 6:09 pm
Author Spotlight & Random

It is Friday: Go Write Ahead

Reason, Magic, Skill and Love
Frankly, I think poorly of

Taste the drink, add a little more whiskey, taste again, now put the bottle aside

Oh, I’ll stagger

An open can spread frank before the sky

Cheap gin, cheap ginger ale, not much ice

The mere attempt to examine my own confusion would consume volumes

I like to drink and read with my mom

Anyone’s who drunk, I know it myself, they’re likely to exaggerate

Rye whiskey in the green celluloid glass of a bathroom

It’s just the thing for shock

God doesn’t believe in the easy way

Precede into the kitchen

I don’t even drink anymore, just wine

This is one gigantic day

But you’ve got tomorrow to reckon with

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  1. Matthew Simmons

      bob log is alive

  2. goner

      “I don’t even drink anymore, just wine”

      That’s got to be Bukowski. I’m almost positive he wrote this at one point talking about how he had given up all booze in his older age except for white wine.

  3. jmbg

      get stoned, read Freedom

  4. Sean

      That line is actually a story. I had a friend in my MFA back when, like 1999 or so, we’ll call Z and one day in January, after the usual holidays of benders, he proudly proclaimed he was done drinking. Said he hadn’t drank in 6 days.

      I was fucking impressed. For Z to stop. Wow. I mean it made all things possible. I couldn’t get my brain on it. So I said, “Damn, Z, congratulations I guess. I mean I’m seriously blown away.”

      And he casually said, “Yep, I’m done. Now I only drink wine.”

      True story.

      9though I’m sure Buk said something similar)

  5. goner

      Ah, got it. It’s like the whole, “I quit all drugs except for pot and pills.” Yeah, Buk mentioned this in some form during his later writings but all my Bukowski is packed away and there’s no way I could find the exact passage. I think he used to drink three bottles of white wine for lunch which is just…a lot.

  6. mimi

      I’m laying off the hard stuff (vodka) ( = winter) (tequila = summer) (doctor’s orders) because I killed my knee ski-jumping but I’m still drinking red wine – – – – right now in fact.

  7. Owen Kaelin

      Ah, yes… the ultimate stoner text. Soon as I first laid my hands on that book I set it back down immediately and said to myself, “I’ve gotta get stoned to read this thing.”

      So I did… maybe that’s why I found the book so unmemorable.