June 8th, 2012 / 9:15 am
Author Spotlight & Film

Scott McClanahan, for your viewing pleasure

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  1. lorian long

      just watched these with my 7 month old niece who couldn’t stop laughing. 

  2. Bobby Dixon

      Lonesome Dove on the shelf

  3. DJ Berndt

      I <3 Scott McClanahan with everything in me.

  4. Anonymous

      Jesus that shit rocks

  5. Kevin Sampsell

      Good God Damn

  6. elizabeth ellen

      finally! something we can all agree on. scott mcclanahan rules (maybe you’re playing it too safe (“domestic”?), mcclanahan)! also, that’s my house he’s elvis-karate chopping in front of, in case anyone feels like stalking me or TPing me or trimming my bushes.

  7. Matthew Simmons

      That he can go from “It’s always time for some Elvis karate!” to “We’re all zebras with a beast’s tooth stuck in our necks,” in six minutes is pretty much the only evidence that we’ll ever need that he’s the real deal.

  8. dl.flsxzkmrkyrzk

       gyahhhhhh i am so happy i saw this today

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