Wi-fithering Heights

Posted by @ 5:55 pm on May 14th, 2010

What the hell, is that a laptop by Emily Bronte (d. 1848)? I assumed it was photo-shopped, but upon searching online, every version I found (from reliable non-satirical websites) shows the same laptop. It also looks like she’s fingering (probably should’ve used another word) her phone.

It’s highly unlikely, if not impossible, that photo-shopping was a collaborated effort; one can only assume this is the actual painting. I don’t know much about 18th century English apparatuses, so maybe this is easily explained, but to me it simply looks like a laptop. Wuthering Heights contains ghosts, schizophrenia, and crazy shit happening outside windows; add those together and you got a junior in high school who would rather do his algebra homework than read for English class. (I saw the movie, and got a B+.) First published under the androgynous pseudonym “Ellis Bell,” the book remains one of the most vivid yet puzzling works I’ve encountered. She wrote the book when she was 29, and died the next year. How could one, never loved, know so much about it? Wi-fi’d Emily could’ve used some eHarmony — I think Edgar Allan Poe (d. 1849) was single back then.