November 2nd, 2010 / 12:41 pm
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Writer Cocktails


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  2. Gian

      This is gold.

      Christ, Jimmy. You never get weirdly ON, do you? You’re just ON all the time.

      I feel like Jimmy’s posts are to HTML what the READINGS section is to Harper’s (but way better).

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  4. jereme_dean

      really sort of sad to not see a wine cooler in this list.

  5. deadgod

      Pynchon’s Vitamin V

      -4 fingers Vodka
      -1 dollop rocket fuel
      -1 ecnalubma

  6. Raymond Roman

      How bout a Hunter S. Thompson?

  7. Lauren

      Why is the only female writer mentioned in an unappetizing innuendo? Grow up or add some other woman author drink that does not have such a sexist reference.

  8. Chet


  9. Guest

      when i get tired i drink coffee or take a walk in the brisk fall air. are you sleepy, chet? hi, chet.

  10. jereme_dean

      lauren, do you have a manual on how to grow up? pretty sure jimmy chen is of age to say whatever the fuck he wants to say.

      maybe i’m wrong.

  11. Chet

      is that an invitation? or we could just get caramels. i know a really good place on gates.

  12. jereme_dean

      for lauren:


      -blue caracao
      -sour mix
      -put head in oven
      -wave goodbye


      -husband’s martini
      -strut around with it


  13. Lauren

      Ha, yes better.

  14. shaun gannon

      a combination tony curtis/raul julia

  15. dm

      Paul Auster looks like Tony Curtis

  16. efferny jomes

      a combination tony curtis/raul julia

  17. chris r

      Vitamin V haha… That reminds me of a chef I worked for last year (he’s in prison now) who brought his own concoction to work everyday called “Vitamin G12” and it was an empty Gatorade bottle filled up most of the way with cheap vodka, and then topped off with Gatorade, “for color.”

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  21. virginia wooley

      actually f. scott was strutting around with zelda’s booze.

      and plath only drank bitter tears.

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