June 28th, 2013 / 8:01 am
Behind the Scenes

99 Things to Do When You Have the Time

99 Things 01

In March of last year, I wrote a post here entitled “100 things to do when you have the time.” It proved popular and I was approached by a press, Compendium, Inc., with the offer to turn it into a book. I said sure and now the finished book is available through Compendium’s website as well as at various bookstores.

I worked with my editors to revise the list, which changed a lot (for instance, we lost a thing). After that, others transformed it into a book that’s just as much a journal as it is a list, with original art and design on every page. 99 Things wouldn’t exist without M.H. Clark and Amelia Riedler’s editing, Julie Flahiff’s creative direction, and Heidi Rodriquez’s design work—my sincerest thanks to all of them.

As well as to Michelle Tupko. I initially made the list for her, but after a while I realized I needed it just as much myself. And now it’s for everyone else, or for anyone who wants it. If you do check it out and find it useful, I’ll be gratified.

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  1. Mark Cugini

      Aw, this is awesome. I loved that list! I’m buying this right now!

  2. A D Jameson

      Mariah says she wants one, too.

      (Thanks, man!)

  3. Nathan Goldman

      Awesome. Bought one for me and one for my girlfriend. Good reminders.

  4. guanji470


  5. music4media

      I LOVE this book! I bought it in whilst on holiday in the US (I’m from UK) it is one of my favourite books ever!