October 28th, 2011 / 11:00 am
Behind the Scenes & Snippets

Melville House site redo. What do you think? To me, their last site was a model of amazeballs. So much PHP. This one is cleaner? I dunno, but I’m about to explore it and find out.


  1. Erik Stinson

      “Buy a Book and Help Adopt a Penguin” looks kind of funny near the top, without designed edges

  2. c2k

      True. Site itself has an overall “unfinished” look to it.

  3. Guestagain

      They might consider using that left column to setup links 4 across, horizontal reading like a calendar, lots of empty real estate there, falls off a cliff to scolling white space. Content is interesting, the site looks nice and crispy otherwise, bill is in the mail he said robotically