May 27th, 2013 / 4:15 pm
Behind the Scenes & Snippets


  1. Richard Grayson

      Why is there so much on this person who I’ve never heard of, who I just googled to find out who he is and discovered he doesn’t even have a page on Wikipedia? Anyone who doesn’t have a Wikipedia page — really, they are not an important writer and barely exist. Why don’t you write about someone normal people have heard of? Or is this site not for regular people interested in literature?

  2. A D Jameson

      I guess it’s time to come clean. “Seth Oelbaum” is an invention of all of us here at HTMLGiant. Chris Higgs and Roxane Gay write the posts, and Mike Meginnis and I make the accompanying pictures. Lily Hoang invented the Baby Dictators and modeled them all on Kyle Minor. Brooks Sterritt is Evan Bryson, and Mike Young is a soft cherry cream cheese croissant. And Janice Lee is a dead Syrian and/or a dead Congolese, as the situation requires. (Incidentally, Jimmy Chen is Johannes Göransson, but I’m not at liberty to reveal that.)

      It was all Blake’s idea, blame him. We were hoping that Harmony Korine would notice, make a low-budget movie about it. He still might!

  3. Brooks Sterritt

      Actually, Evan Bryson is a pseudonym of Brian Evenson.

  4. A D Jameson

      Wow. This goes deeper than I thought!

  5. deadgod

      Ha ha — Oelbaum Derangement Syndrome neutralized (here) by the magical name “Artoad”.

  6. Evan Bryson

      so busy editing The Open Curtain 2!! and just wanted to say


  7. Brooks Sterritt

      heck yeah looking fwd

  8. Guest

      maybe you need to get your weight up doggie