Summer Semester Reading List: Gertrude Stein

Posted by @ 3:24 pm on July 1st, 2012

For those of you who might be interested, click through for the reading list I’ve assigned the students taking my “Major Figures in American Literature: Gertrude Stein, The Mother of Invention” course this summer.

Opening Essays
Stein – “How Writing is Written” (1935)
Stein – “Composition as Explanation” (1926)
Stein – “What Are Masterpieces And Why Are There So Few of Them?” (1936)
Marianne DeKoven’s “Experimental Writing” chapter from her book A Different Language: Gertrude Stein’s Experimental Writing

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (1933)
+ “Testimony Against Gertrude Stein” by Georges Braque, Eugene Jolas, Marie Jolas, Henri Matisse, André Salmon and Tristan Tzara (Transition pamphlet, 1935)
+ Excerpts from Andy Warhol’s Popism
+ Marie Calloway’s “Jeremy Lin”

Stanzas in Meditation: The Corrected Edition (1932)
+ Ulla E. Dydo, “Stanzas in Meditation: The Other Autobiography” (Chicago Review, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Winter, 1985), pp. 4-20)
+ Excerpts from Susan Howe
+ Exceprts from John Ashbery

Ida (1941)
+ Cynthia Secor “Ida, A Great American Novel” (Twentieth Century Literature, Vol. 24, No. 1, Gertrude Stein Issue (Spring, 1978), pp. 96-107)
+ Excerpts from Richard Brautigan’s Revenge of the Lawn
+ Excerpts from Carla Harryman’s Gardener of Stars

Tender Buttons (1914)
+ Nicola Pitchford, “Unlikely Modernism, Unlikely Postmodernism: Stein’s Tender Buttons” (American Literary History, Vol. 11, No. 4 (Winter, 1999), pp. 642-667)
+ Excerpts from Harryette Mullen’s S*PeRM**K*T
+ Excerpts from Ben Marcus’s The Age of Wire & String

[Previous reading lists I’ve posted include: “Introduction to Experimental Literature” and “American Postmodernism” and “The European Avant-Garde 1900-1945” and “20th-21st Century Experimental Short Stories“]