Spring Semester Reading List

Posted by @ 1:25 pm on January 5th, 2012

For those of you who might be interested, click through for the reading list I’ve assigned the students taking my “Introduction to Experimental Literature” course this semester.

First Day Discussion
excerpts from WORDS by Andy Devine

Opening Gambit
Roland Barthes – “Death of the Author”
Susan Sontag – “Against Interpretation”
Gertrude Stein – “Composition as Explanation”
John Cage – “Lecture on Nothing”

Gertrude Stein – Tender Buttons (1914)
+ “Towards a Theory of Non-Genre Literature” by Jonathan Culler

Alain Robbe-Grillet – Jealousy (1957)
+ “Twelve Digressions Toward a Study of Composition” by Ronald Sukenick
+ excerpts from Space and Place: the perspective of experience by Yi-Fu Tuan

Samuel Beckett – How It Is (1961)
+ “White Elephant Art. vs. Termite Art” by Manny Farber
+ “How It Is: With Beckett’s Fiction” by Raymond Federman

Kenneth Goldsmith – Fidget (2000)
+ “The Pineal Eye” by Georges Bataille
+ “On the Balinese Theatre” by Antonin Artaud

David Markson – This is Not a Novel (2001)
+ “The Plot” from E.M. Forster’s Aspects of the Novel
+ “Rupture, Verge, and Precipice Precipice, Verge, and Hurt Not” by Carole Maso

Vanessa Place – Dies: A Sentence (2005)
+ excerpts from The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry
+ “The Sentence is a Lonely Place” by Gary Lutz

Bhanu Kapil – Schizophrene (2011)
+ Hélène Cixous – “Laugh of the Medusa”