October 3rd, 2014 / 4:44 pm
Behind the Scenes

That’s it, this site is shutting down—I’m outta here

Just wanted to throw up one last post to say thanks to Blake for letting me write here, and to Gene for editing. And extra-giant-sized thanks to everyone who read and responded to the silly things I posted. I always had a great time perusing this site, and chatting with others in the comments. I was honored to get to contribute. See you around, I hope, elsewhere on the internet, and maybe even real life.




  1. Rauan Klassnik

      down with Jameson :)

  2. A D Jameson

      Still wondering where I should send my contributions to that campaign…

  3. Rauan Klassnik

      send them to me!

  4. mimi

      take good care o’ that bearsuit, boo

  5. deadgod

      who’s the glittery champ in the picture, you should do a post on that weirdo

  6. A D Jameson

      mimi, I hope we’ll be able to keep in touch in a post-HG world. I’ve always loved talking with you here.

  7. A D Jameson

      I’ve been thinking about it! I actually have a lot of new things to say about his work. Including some criticisms. People will be thrilled.

  8. Trey

      my favorite late htmlg contributor. thanks for all the posts.

  9. ĴɎĦ

      Fcuket List
      1. Commie Cueball
      2. Whiskey McShivers (sometimes ‘McShriver’)
      3. Eggcrate Yogi
      4. Thomas Pynchon (still haven’t gotten into him, feel I should finish a book before I see the new PTA flick)

  10. mimi

      well, okay, since i follow you on Disqus, and you follow me, we could, like, reply to each others’ comments elsewhere in other threads on other sites (but where oh ever where?? at this point in weird htmlg time i can not even imagine!) every once (and not toooo very often, k, cuz that would just be creepy) in a while and talk about our bearsuits and whatnot, and nobody else but you and i would understand, though perhaps some would be amused or intrigued

      and perhaps some day someone will follow us back in time along Disqus threads to the salad days of htmlg and be moved

  11. A D Jameson


  12. Mike Crossley

      Hey AD, how/where can I see your points on Gone Girl? I know you’re gonna see it and have an opinion and I’m super curious as to how you feel about it… I havent seen it yet Im seeing it Tuesday.

  13. A D Jameson

      I haven’t seen it! If I do, though, and write about it, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think.

      I should be posting more film-related articles at Press Play soon.

  14. jane lane


  15. mimi

      saw GG this afternoon!
      house was packed
      read the book last year
      will look for your review
      : )

  16. deadgod

      gone girl details alert

      expert assembly, fincher obv the same control bro

      very well acted, even affleck’s growing impatience pretty good

      nancy grace depiction comical bonus

      but for me, spell broken when unwashed co-protag released from hospital COVERED IN BLOOD

      after that, action too preposterous to enjoy

      i mean, cops and fbi hard guys afraid of appearance of ‘rape culture’ insensitivity ? did you find her act — not her acting — that convincing ??

      and especially, only affleck chased down two exes w records of police contact whom parents notified today’s police of ???

  17. mimi

      *DETAILS ALERT* redux

      mr.mimi (mimi’s husband, that is, not some alter-ego of mimi’s) calls the “unwashed co-protag released from hospital COVERED IN BLOOD” detail the “major mis-step in the movie”

      one of the funniest scenes was poor Boney (and her hilarious side-kick)’s shut-down by the G-men

      loved Go and Boney, i’d hang out with them anytime!


      also, loved it when greta says “it was my idea”

      definitely one of those ‘book’s better than the movie’ situations, tho i liked the movie a lot, even at 2++ hours

  18. deadgod

      gone girl details alert

      literally incredible that the cops & esp hospital authorities wouldn’t clean her in course of *closely* inspecting her body for evidence of her claims

      then i’m wondering, why didn’t the cops/fbi investigate two exes & see pattern

      & detective turns on dime, stops investigating that easily ? & media circus moves on so easily, when psycho is =ly good story for them ? & fbi supersolicitous of rape crier who’s also confessed butcherer of her ‘victimizer’, is that the general experience of rape victims ?? & she must’ve deleted all the video that opposed her story, weren’t the MONTH-LONG gaps in the remaining ‘incriminating’ video eh noticeable ???

      huffpo: telling that good affleck is ‘weak’ link, several standout supporting performances kept me in & qualifiedly thumbs-up

      of course there’s a lot of wimmin, it’s a wimmin’s-revenge fantasy, where a woman is the shark (jaws)

      i wonder how the witch-hunters feel about this show: grrrl power vs wimmin’s power comes from being irrational, gossipy, stupid… or psycho (& smart effective woman shut down by men & psycho & professional timidity)

      winner: passion !

      didn’t read, maybe now won’t, bc if faithful, movie exposes book