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Michael Seidlinger is giving away 5 copies of MY PET SERIAL KILLER, which is out today. Comment to enter, check back in a week to see if you won, you know the drill:

If any serial killer could “be yours”, who would it be?

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  1. jason pete

      Arnfinn Nesset

  2. Jonathan Mayhew

      Patrick Wayne Kearney or Lindsay Lohan

  3. rawbbie

      A Drone

  4. JR

      Ronald Wilson Reagan

  5. Guest

      Paul Reuben Studdard

  6. Taylor Peters

      Andrei Chikatilo

  7. deadgod

      The chemistry of molecular self-replication.

  8. Tyler Crumrine

      Alfred G. “Alferd” Packer

  9. Justin Carter

      Angel Maturino Reséndiz

  10. Rauan Klassnik

      my neighbor’s cat

  11. davidpeak

      ken baumann

  12. isScottHammer

      Oliver Cromwell

  13. Nick Antosca

      If you look at the Wikipedia page that lists serial killers by victim, the most killingest of killers were all South American. How come we never hear about any of them? One of them was even released.

  14. Nick Antosca
  15. Michael J Seidlinger

      That’s a good point. Hmm.

  16. Michael J Seidlinger

      “The Beast” Luis Garavito seems to be one of the craziest.

  17. Bryan Enas


  18. If any serial killer could “be yours”, who would it be? « THE FEATURE S P A C E _

      […] If any serial killer could “be yours”, who would it be? […]

  19. Mike Kleine

      I don’t need to win the book but I’m going to comment anyway, since it’s a damn good book and I feel like it needs to be said, several times.

      dAMN gOOD bOOk
      Damn good book.
      damn Good book.
      damn good Book.

      Also, wtf Yang Xinhai? You’re one crazy d00d3r. #crazypsychokiller

  20. Brooks Sterritt

      Count Chocula

  21. Nathan Jackson

      Dahmer had attachment issues. He never wanted his houseguests to leave.
      I’ve noticed that people often have to find excuses to end conversations with me.
      Dahmer and I would probably get along, staying up late having staring contests in our pajamas.

  22. David Kordahl

      Ted Bundy, although by saying that I’m basically affirming that I really wouldn’t like to be killed by a serial killer, inasmuch as I’m totally not Bundy’s victim type.

  23. Joseph Riippi

      Narrator of Breece Pancake’s “Time and Again.”

  24. werdfert

      I am currently reading American Psycho and catching up on the 6th season of Dexter. Do I really need more serial killers in my life? yes.

  25. Before Sunrise Press

      I am commenting because we would like this book of yours to review.

  26. Michael J Seidlinger

      Sure thing. I can send a review copy to you. Message me on Facebook or email me at fieldsandfractures@gmail.com. Yes, I realize I’m making my email address available to the public. I don’t care.

  27. Cara Giaimo

      the unnamed star of Part 4 of 2666

  28. Michael Filippone

      I would kill to read this book.

  29. Nathan Jackson

      Also, based on the nice review written on this site as well as the summary on the back of the book, this seems much like something I might write. Or at least like similar lines I might cross. Like if Peter Sotos penned the screenplay to True Romance (or something less contrived).

  30. Roger Dudek

      Roger Dudek Sr.

  31. jtc

      Jesus’s dad, or Death. (actually same person?)

  32. deadgod

      What does “be yours” mean? –‘be the serial killer who kills you’? or ‘be the serial killer whom you possess–the serial killer who kills whom you want’?

  33. Jeremy Bauer

      jaws 4 life or the guy that killed people along train tracks in the midwest when i was a kid. i lived by train tracks, so the trailer park seemed darker for a time.

  34. M. Kitchell

      i would want a really sexy serial killer to “be mine,” because, really, the narrative intersection of MURDERING and SEX is just too hard to pass up

  35. Michael J Seidlinger

      My thoughts exactly. The deeper we delve into sex and violence, the more we recognize the point of their intersection, when both merge and become one.

  36. Michael J Seidlinger

      Thanks for the kind words, Nathan. Looking back, during the writing of the book, it most definitely left an emotional mark. I felt exhausted, downright antisocial during that period of time.