December 13th, 2011 / 11:53 am

ToBS R2: [yourauthorname].com vs. working at Best Buy

 [Matchup #35 in Tournament of Bookshit] redirects to some Sarasota Real Estate company. That’s stupid. is “The Truth,” a Christian dude’s fervent website. He was married in November. Congratulations to you both! adamrobinson.blogspot.combelongs to a bass player who hasn’t updated since 2004. So basically [] sucks for my fellow Adam Robinsons. Except for maybe the preacher and his Dreamweaving and his wife/husband and his devotional books which are available at bulk pricing in case you’re interested. But enough about — how’re things for yours? I do appreciate being able to go to one site and seeing all of your publications listed, for when I’m bored and hiding out in the bathroom at my job working at Best Buy, crying and scrolling through your mobile site on my Samsung Vibrant S2, reading your sweet poems on the toilet with my pants up. Plus that blue shirt matches my eyes and I happen to know a lot about RAM anyway, and sound cards (SOUND CARDS!!! People upgrade your SOUND CARDS!!!), and how Dell’s GX270 desktop form factor has a known issue with the nodes leaking on the motherboard so, sorry mister, you’ll probably need to buy a whole new machine if you’re going to finish that manuscript which I hope you saved to one of our external harddrives. But in this challonge I need to hearken to the best case study, which was, made famous by those early Stamp Stories. I mean, damn, that’s how you get your name out there, on the backs of little slips of paper.

Adam Robinson

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WINNER: working at Best Buy



  1. deadgod

      pants-up excretion vs. one-‘d’ hardrive

      winner:  the wrong customer

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  5. JosephPatrickPascale

      External Harddrives are also unstable. I hope he e-mailed it to himself.

  6. carnitina precio

      carnitina precio

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