April 15th, 2011 / 9:25 am

Chomsky on Ali G

I’m boning up for “The Poetic Sentence,” a panel I’m moderating tomorrow at the Conversations & Connections conference in DC, and I found this video pretty insightful.


If you’re nearby DC and you’re a writer, you will probably want to cancel whatever you’ve got going on so you can attend this conference. For the $65 admission fee you’ll see Michael Kimball’s 1-Hr MFA lecture, which is worth twice $65. You’ll also get to attend my panel with Mel Nichols, Magus Magnus, Maureen Thorson, and our own fingerlickinggood: Mike Young. Other panels and lectures by a hot list of my faves. You’ll also get one of the featured books, a subscription to a magazine, speed-dating with an editor (an intellectual lap-dance, basically) and a kissing booth with Steve Almond. Maybe not a kissing booth, I don’t know, that’s unconfirmed, but he’ll be there so why not?

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