April 23rd, 2012 / 4:00 pm

Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape starring John Hurt [2001]

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  1. Erik Stinson

      the great comment drought 2012

  2. Nate Logan

      One of the best things ever.

  3. Jill Glei

      — thanks, bb.

  4. reynard

      i have recommended this to many people, john hurt is just about a perfect banana stooge

  5. reynard

      a biproduct of no comment week, a lead-in to ‘awp 2012,’ a subgenre of the ‘who fucking cares’ movement of early to mid 2010, riding the coattails of no wave & grunge; books

  6. deadgod

      Blow windes, & crack your cheeks; Rage, blow
      You Cataracts, and Hurricano’s spout,
      Till you have drench’d our Steeples, drown the Cockes.
      You Sulph’rous and Thought-executing Fires,
      Vaunt-curriors, and Oake-cleauing Thunder-bolts,
       Sindge my white head.  And thou all-shaking Thunder,
      Strike flat the thicke Rotundity o’th’world,
      Cracke Natures moulds, all germaines spill at once
      That make ingratefull Man.

  7. lorian long

      thank u

  8. Vomithelmet McGee

       perfect is the word

  9. Ken Baumann

      john hurt + beckett is almost too much, thank you!

  10. Anonymous