September 6th, 2011 / 12:36 pm

Shitty Youth, a film-in-progress by Adam Humphreys

Adam Humphreys (creator of the documentary Franz Otto) is making a film about Zachary German. Seems exciting. Here’s a sneak clip:

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  1. stephen

      interested in seeing this

  2. Nightsha

      This is in contention for most unnecessary film of all time. Also, the title should be “Poseur.”

  3. Erik Stinson

      who is posing, and as what?

  4. erik stinson

      new media girls

  5. 2stupid2bsuicidal

      this looks like it’ll be really good. his cat is very cute and i like when the pool hall guy calls zachary out for getting the neighborhood wrong

  6. Adam J Maynard

      this seems great. That’s my favourite GBV SONG

  7. Ken Baumann

      The first five episodes of Shitty Youth Radio (the only five I’ve listened to) are great.

  8. David Fishkind

      i live in berlin now. zachary boat some reuben sandwich once. home show mom won’t know

  9. Evan Hatch

      as one of the ~10 people in the world who listened to shitty youth, this seems very interesting to me. also, gbv is the greatest band ever so shit just gets better.

  10. ben brooks

      feel like this is the most exciting thing to happen in ~time

  11. Shit Youth

      i think i’ll start filming myself everytime i take a shit
      i’ll call it shitty youth shitting
      i imagine exactly as many people will watch it & find it ‘relevant’

      every day there are more reasons to kill myself

  12. wackomet

      go for it, believe in yr dreams

  13. postitbreakup


      didn’t know zg had a radio station, jealous i missed it

      never imagined zg’s voice as being that low for some reason

      when that not-zach guy started reading the poem, it made me realize there’s this sort of monotone declarative Poem-Reading Voice a lot of you poets seem to use in videos associated with this community

  14. postitbreakup

      i was wondering why your sprite can looked so weird

  15. Anonymous

      r u male or female

  16. marshall

      do u dogy

  17. Miles Mjr

      male. i loled at this shit.

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  19. Walter Mackey

      i miss shitty youth so much

      it just really reminds me of a time when i’d come home from working a shitty job and not give a fuck and listen to shitty youth and i guess listening to someone else not give a fuck felt good for me too, maybe

      sad zachary deleted his new twitter (@JeepShit) recently, megan boyle confirms it happened on a ‘saturday’

      v. excited for this, though

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      […] As you may remember, Adam Humphreys, director of Franz Otto Ultimate Highballer and co-designer of these t-shirts, has been working on a documentary about elusive author Zachary German. […]