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NOW CLOSED: Exclusive Preview of a Short Film – Baseball

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Adam Humphreys and Zachary German have produced a short film called Baseball, which was  available to stream right here on HTMLGiant for 3 hours Aug. 7, 2013.

Zachary German, who co-wrote the film, stars as a cheating lover who must recall the opening of The Great Gatsby from memory to placate his suspicious girlfriend.

The link below is now dead, contact Adam Humphreys ( for more information.

-notes on Baseball by Erik Baker

Baseball is America’s pastime. Everybody loves baseball. This film has nothing to do with Baseball. They’re playing with you.

Two apartments and one hotel room. A young couple in different time zones. A young guy (Brad) drinking a bottle of Fiji water. A phone call comes through. It is from his girlfriend. A brief exchange establishes they live together. He’s lying to her. She asks him if she left a book on the side table, “The Great Gatsby,” which results in a genuine and convincing look of concern on the part of Brad. It goes from there.

Everything you see and hear in this film is important. The background is important. A cat is important. Brad’s pompousness, in their interaction with another couple, when he quotes from The Great Gatsby in flashback, is important. In very few scenes, the film manages to flesh out the characters pretty well. These are real, believable people in a somewhat wrenching but not unfunny scenario.

I feel a similar cosmic humor in Humphreys’ other two films. And a similar uncanny and profound feeling of disconnection as in German’s earlier literary efforts. Little details, like the cat, the cat’s water, and the couple’s conversations lead inexorably to a muted emotional breakdown. The opening passage of The Great Gatsby, quoted by Brad three times in the film, proves meaningful on multiple levels.

The first time through, it’s funny. The second time it’s not so much. Pain is a big part of comedy. Baseball is a tight little film that will reward multiple viewings.

Baseball_poster copy2

The Zachary German Documentary, “Shitty Youth”

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Zachary German’s web presence was one I once compulsively checked-on for updates, that I consistently enjoyed, intriguing and funny, and now his web presence is gone, mostly, because he wanted it to go away.

Adam Humphreys’s new documentary, Shitty Youth, which shares a name with German’s possibly defunct “radio show”/podcast, portrays German as a willfully difficult or potentially alienating person socially who is very attuned to style and taste, the author of one novel, Eat When You Feel Sad, which got good attention and praise, who has released almost no writing since, in part because much writing, including his own, is not up to his very high standards.


Shitty Youth has been released

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Last night Adam Humphreys released Shitty Youth, a 36 minute film following Zachary German, who most of you are likely familiar with, on Vimeo through the film’s Facebook page. The film follows Zachary for two years following the release of his first novel Eat When You Feel Sad and features interviews with Tao Lin, Brandon Gorrell, Steve Roggenbuck and myself.

Now we can all die.

Shitty Youth Update

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

As you may remember, Adam Humphreys, director of Franz Otto Ultimate Highballer and co-designer of these t-shirts, has been working on a documentary about elusive author Zachary German titled Shitty Youth (taken from German’s now-defunct weekly radio show).

I worked with him on the tail end of shooting earlier this summer and have seen some excellent prescreenings of the work.

I received an email from Adam this morning:

Thanks for your continued interest in this project.

Shitty Youth has been something I’ve been pursuing for a while off and on and it is nearing a place where it feels like I am unable to take it any farther and I want to get on with my life.

something something online release near future, more details forthcoming

In the meantime I highly recommend people check out Fi卐hkind, the band, especially the EP “Brooklyn” which was a band I conducted featuring Zachary, Erik Stinson, and you, wherein they can hear Zachary free associating some really brilliant shit.

“College”… is just… wow.

Here’s the logo for the movie [pictured above]. Link to the facebook page if people want to engage:



Shitty Youth, a film-in-progress by Adam Humphreys

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Adam Humphreys (creator of the documentary Franz Otto) is making a film about Zachary German. Seems exciting. Here’s a sneak clip: