April 4th, 2012 / 9:59 am


Discover a collection of haunted media, a benevolent tribe of new wave witches, a goth teenager with real magic powers, and much more!…When TC’s older brother Tyler goes missing, TC and Rotten Robbie set out on an adventure to find him. The trail leads them deep into the core of the uncanny Spectrum Hunter cult where they encounter bizarre rituals, puzzles, illusions, and a pantheon of adversaries. Inhabiting deserted malls, the Spectrum Hunters erect strange sound stages that form a treacherous labyrinth. Surveillance cameras document their unusual habits and the subsequent videos are sold in clandestine locations. But is it just effects? Or are the Spectrum Hunters playing for keeps?

[Editorial Note from Impossible Mike: Jon Clark contacted me after reading my Case Study of CF’s City Hunter and introduced me to his work. At the time he was working on Spectrum Hunter, and seeing the final project, I find it a really wonderful piece of narrative cinema that conveys an insistence on atmosphere as zone-of-narrative over any sort of linear character/conflict-driven narrative (something I always prefer). I’m please to be able to present the work, in whole, here.]


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