October 31st, 2012 / 3:05 pm
Craft Notes & Mean & Snippets


  1. deadgod

      Discontinuity, arbitrary order, disruption, unknowability: Good.

      ‘Poetic’ predicated of anything but a poem or part of a poem: Very Bad.

  2. Mike James

      Explain please.

  3. deadgod

      Young, who seems a smart, fun provocateur, supports subverting or defying or somehow challenging expectations and, where they’re imposed, demands for continuity and, eh, prefab intelligibility through his poetry and, maybe, in his sense of the possibilities of linguistic mediation generally.

      But–in a curmudgeonly moment in this interview, anyway–he also rails – as the snippet quotes him – against metaphoric or otherwise loose uses of the words poetic and poetry.

      Seems incongruous… I mean, that any and especially those words would be off-limits for expansive intension.

      I think: what’s wrong with calling a brilliant athletic performance ‘poetic’? a well-fitted gesture? even, pathetically-fallaciously, a non-human event?