October 25th, 2010 / 1:55 pm
Mean & Power Quote

Drew Kalbach Power Mean Quote

"htmlgiant is the walmart of litblogs" -- Drew Kalbach, Oct. 25, 1:50 EST

Drew Kalbach

Poet Drew Kalbach is the Richard Simmons of creepy ebuillience, per his goodreads slash twitter pic. Two profiles and one pic; dos cojones y uno prick, hope you’re bilingual Drew. One figures what’s behind his profile pic’s ambiguous backdrop: a broken real doll, eight empty venti mochas, and an extra toupee. With Donald Trumpian hair like that Drew, you might have a future in real estate — not your literary estate, but the soft patch of grass under which we will all be buried. Start counting away them years, and for fuck sake, blink.


  1. Trey

      “satisfaction guaranteed”

  2. drewkalbach

      my existence has been validated via the scorn of our tyrannical litblog overlords, viva la revolution or something

  3. stephen


  4. nathan tyree

      Don’t blink

  5. Guest


  6. reynard seifert

      unfortunately the online lit community is more like one of those little towns that still wants to have a walmart

  7. reynard seifert

      what i’m saying is we’re really more of a walgreen’s

  8. deadgod


  9. JakeLevineSpork

      that face is like sex on a rollercoaster. or more appropriately, fucking the rollercoaster as it appears there is no wind in his hair.