May 10th, 2011 / 5:00 pm

Michael Kimball’s US [Tyrant Books, 2011]

At last in its U.S. edition, Tyrant Books makes their third release in the form of Michael Kimball’s gorgeous US (formerly released in a different version overseas as How Much of Us There Was).

This is one of like three books ever that made me cry. I read it in a bathtub, all in one go. It is essentially the story of a old man losing his wife to sickness, but rendered in a way that only Michael Kimball knows. You should find out.

Shipping now from Tyrant Books.

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  1. Adam Robinson

      What do people think of the cover? It’s really growing on me.

  2. Josephriippi

      I like the cover a lot. Much more fitting to the book than the UK cover.

  3. Scott mcclanahan

      It’s like a Rothko or something.

  4. deadgod

      It’s a good cover – like an X-ray of an evenly dense body or tissue – , but is the title really US, or Us?

  5. Anonymous

  6. Ken Baumann

      Yes. Ordered mine.

  7. J. A. Tyler

      So happy to see this out in the new version. Get it people, you will be stunned.

  8. elizabeth ellen

      what were the other two books, blake? also, the image of you crying in a bathtub that must have been lukewarm at best and frigid at worst…that’s commitment to literature. assuming, of course, there was water in the tub.

  9. Anonymous

  10. J. A. Tyler

      Brian Evenson’s Baby Leg and Eugene Marten’s Firework, both are awesome,

  11. Sean

      Just ordered my copy!

  12. Sean

      It has an X ray feel. Ghostly. Like something important is happening in life. I like it.

  13. Sean

      Firework is beyond awesome.

  14. Anonymous

  15. Anonymous