January 3rd, 2011 / 9:29 am
Random & Roundup

14 holding backs of diatribes on the 2011 radio

3. Mud Luscious Press goes all web update, all Heidi Blair Montag with a touch of Birdman. It detaches the retina in a kind way. Go look.

3. A get-off-my-plot-of-lawn-quote:

The others aren’t that much fun to describe: somebody gets into trouble, and then gets out again; somebody loses something and gets it back; somebody is wronged and gets revenge; Cinderella; somebody hits the skids and just goes down, down, down; people fall in love with each other, and a lot of other people get in the way; a virtuous person is falsely accused of sin; a sinful person is believed to be virtuous; a person faces a challenge bravely, and succeeds or fails; a person lies, a person steals, a person kills, a person commits fornication.

9. Joan Fontcuberta

55. Harmony Neal uses repetition at January 2011 Hobart. You know, repetition, like this, via BHR:

The requirement that we change words is arbitrary.

3. The Girard Perregaux 925 Silver / Celluloid “Tourbillon” Fountain Pen goes for $1785.

14. Off The Internets for 8 days and what does that do? Doesn’t make you write, I say. I didn’t, sans two checks and an entry in a running journal. But it do refill the synaptic bathtub, me thinks, possibly with bubbles. Things brighten, shard, slow. I would like to write today, I’m saying. So. I ponder what happens when you leave The Internets?

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  1. andrewworthington

      mlp did update. crazy.

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  8. MM

      i know people who spend WAY more than that on a fountain pen. seriously, urushi.

      off the effing internet almost a month and it’s still no different. A.D.D. is still A.D.D.