August 2nd, 2011 / 9:35 am

33 pinches where the fat do grow

1. The IRS is accusing NANO fiction of being pornography (sort of a new take on the term flash).

5. This is the best fish/beer/existential ramblings blog I believe you will find. You’re welcome.

I’m probably going to people the world with robot birds.

4. Patrick Somerville & Lindsay Hunter converse with one another over at Hobart.

First thing: I am suspicious of all writers and human beings who are not sick of themselves.

33. Roy Kesey interview at Bookslut.

It would be great if having climbed a given mountain meant that climbing some other similar-shaped mountain would be easier, but I don’t think that’s quite the way it works — at least not for me.

4. Everyone needs discussions/lessons on plot. Here are some, couched in a review of Tana French at The Millions.

Lesson: What Gary Lutzcalls “page-hugging” prose isn’t necessarily anathema to plot.

yo, veridical dat.

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  1. Guestagain

      Nice post, all interesting selections. I haven’t seen the NANO pics or film, but the generally accepted rule of thumb from the litigation perspective is – if there is no penetration, then it’s not porn. The IRS will typically drag you 8 miles over barbed wire before they allow the non-profit tax exempt status, so NANO might consider (1) inventing a god and declaring themselves a religion, or (2)  becoming a multinational corporation employing slave labor.