October 30th, 2013 / 9:04 pm
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Recently a friend accused me of not listening to any music that is not rap. Of course that is totally untrue, but in a social context it is somewhat correct: publicly the music I am most likely to enjoy is rap. Privately, I have always listened to different music as well, especially while working/ writing.

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When I was in college I used to do most of my work in a very claustrophobic, constrained space to avoid all possible distractions. It was a lab that was equipped with a large Mac desktop and a bunch of equipment that I never used, because the lab was actually intended for the “New Media/ Critical Theory Studies” kids and during that time I was learning different stuff I am no longer using today. It was around that time I first became obsessed with Aphex Twin’s music, definitely starting with  ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92.’  I loved the combination of the productive/ manic energy of the beats and the simultaneous soothing effect of the majority of the melodies in the album. I remember listening to “Ageispolis” after–and during– sleepless nights of meticulous studying, sometimes watching the very ravey video as a study-break.


I have been thinking and wanting to write on Aphex Twin for a long time, but my wish proves to be a somewhat impossible task. Richard James–also known under his pseudonyms: AFX, Blue Calx, Bradley Strider, Caustic Window, Smojphace, GAK, Martin Tressider, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, Tahnaiya Russell, The Diceman, The Tuss, and Soit-P.P–is someone who definitely chooses to be an enigmatic figure. James has spent a great deal of his career creating an unflattering image of himself intentionally. The point behind his dedication to making the world see him as an unattractive individual remains unclear to me, but that is part of his enigma.

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Initially, I was planning on doing a mini-series of sorts on “The Way Every Richard James Album Makes Me Feel.” Ultimately, I am deciding against proceeding with that idea because it might be relentlessly self-absorbed and perhaps even too-revealing for no-reason. Instead, I present you with my deepest wish of someday writing the absolute Aphex Twin profile after spending a month with him, observing his daily life, work habits and nightlife activities.

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This 7-minute MTV interview is maybe the closest the artist wants us to get in understanding Richard James.The interviewer asks him what he means when he says that he builds his own instruments, and he states that he uses software, computers and the net to create. Often, he uses the help of others to perfect his sound. Questions about the way he releases his music continue, and his laidback attitude makes me admire him even more. It is particularly interesting to me to see the vibe between him and his enthusiastic interviewer. The interviewer clearly recognizes his genius and tries, at points perhaps too hard, to instigate a more intricate interview. Richard James seems humble, composed in a careless manner, soft-spoken and completely unaware of how brilliant he is.


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  1. A D Jameson

      I used to listen to a lot of Aphex Twin; my college roommate was a huge fan.

  2. elias tezapsidis

      it s rly great. until it turns to ‘come to daddy’

  3. Scott Riley Irvine

      Stumbled upon Ambient Works Vol. 2 at a record store a few months ago. Felt like I had found the holy grail. The $45 price tag didn’t even register until after I had bought it.

  4. Shannon

      If you like Aphex Twin’s harder stuff try Autechre, Squarepusher. If you’re feeling super in need of speedy hard stuff I like Bong-Ra, Venetian Snares (the harder stuff, the softer is nice too), DuranDuranDuran.

  5. Ryan
  6. bemightee

      i share your fascination – drukqs is one of the most moving, creepiest, and euphoric (dbl.) albums i’ve ever heard.
      the analord recordings are also great but sometimes listening to them feels like being sliced apart by lasers.

  7. elias tezapsidis

      love analord. maybe should try being sliced apart by lasers?!