e-books all calorie suck

Posted by @ 11:59 am on December 13th, 2010

E-book assassin, etc. My first response was falling sky, or I am sick of people saying the e-book will garrote the book book. But then I read the article and found several points for possible discussion here:

1.      Was the indie bookstore having troubles anyway? The e-book might be gaseous, but maybe the canary died from starvation?

2.      One complaint is about “browsing.” You’ll do your browsing online, then just drop by the brick/mortar store and get the book you already know you want. You won’t browse at the store. To me, if you enter the store, all is good. Who cares why/how you entered?

3.      But people sell their books online now, so don’t enter a used store to sell, and therefore another opportunity missed to buy.

4.      Google ebooks allows indie bookstores to join/not beat the future.

5.      All the ebooks in the world aren’t going to replace the “space” of a bookstore, readings, signings, coffee, conversation….

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