April 12th, 2013 / 1:45 pm
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Great Tweets in Literary History





Compiled from the “Famous Words” feature on Twtrland, which compiles the most retweeted/favorited Tweets of any public Twitter account. Happy HTML Giant Social Media Week, you lames. And remember–the internet is forever.

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  1. JosephYoung


  2. mimi

      you mean deribbitibb!

  3. Michael Krutel

      I always figured Rushdie for a crude, titty sense of humor.

  4. deadgod

      re The Batch/Batchette: funniest tv show in maybe ever: Burning Love

      re bread vs toast: chicken sushi, pasta lollipop, burger tartare

      re cake for every meal: Wish cocaine optimism weren’t so… no, I don’t.

      re think of bodies exclusively as meat: think meat = Spinoza

      re Vanilla Ice: *Least* racially exploitative European American; don’t get why EVERYbody hated that guy so much.

      re Cheryl Strayed: She’s talking abt O’s reelection? Aft 1st debate (Denver), felt as troubled generally as personally when dumped.

      re newspapers + time = less meaning: When people talk of “comfort” of personal extinction, I don’t have enuf imagination to believe them.

      re poetry reviews: Most “I read poetry.” = ‘In my day, we asked for *more* homework.’

      re you are traffic: Person(s) wanted: Looking for the traffic in a tire commercial.

  5. mimi

      re: toast vs bread – you’re either buying the wrong bread or you’re buying it too late, kendra grant malone

  6. Jeremy Hopkins

      One of those was really smart but I forgot it already.
      *Twitter Kills*

  7. mimi

      i mean, don’t get me wrong, i eat toast all the time
      it’s just that i don’t think that the best toast (usually good because of soaked-in butter) is better than the best bread

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  9. reynard

      everyone has a tweet in them

  10. Mark Cugini

      yeah, wow, that’s so true. what IS the best toast?

  11. mimi

      what IS the best toast?
      why, toast made with the BEST BREAD, of course

  12. mimi


      there is a weekly farmer’s market in oakland called phat beets

  13. Mark Cugini

      See, I don’t know, though. I really like ciabatta, but I’m not going to toast it. Do you think I should just toast it?

  14. mimi

      i think i answered your previous question “what IS the best toast?”

      my answer is obviously subjective*

      so now to address your question “I really like ciabatta, but I’m not going to toast it. Do you think I should just toast it?”

      here goes…

      i think it’s great that you like ciabatta – i like ciabatta

      i mean, goddamm, that is some fine looking bread


      you say you’re not going to toast it – fine, don’t toast it! if you like it non-toasted then by all means eat it non-toasted, i’m fine with that

      but then you ask if I think that you should toast it – no, i don’t think that you should toast it – it sounds pretty much like you don’t WANT to toast it (“See, I don’t know, though.”)

      but if you ever think that you might want to toast it, might want to try to toast it, might be interested in the results of toasting it, the advantages or disadvantages, the ramifications of toasting it, then by all means TOAST IT!

      and here are a few reasons why i think toasting can be a good thing:
      good bread that has been around for a day or two or a few is actually BETTER TOASTED (AND buttered, or peanut buttered, or peanut butter and jam’ed, or melted cheese’d, or etc etc)

      and toasting and eating (that is, NOT WASTING) our older bread is economical (better for our pocketbook) and better for the environment

      and sometimes it’s just nice to have a change-of-pace – toasted instead of not, etc etc etc

      if you STILL have some old bread around and you want a real change-of-pace, there are also other creative options – bread pudding, homemade croutons or crostini, yorkshire pudding…

      listen, at some point old bread is just OLD BREAD and nasty (never, do not EVER eat moldy bread!) – at that point it is better to just discard it – toss it onto your compost heap or into your green recycling bin, please – the earthworms of the world AND mother nature will thank you!

      *and btw, i notice that you haven’t asked me what I think is the BEST BREAD