Liveblogging a liveblog

Posted by @ 1:46 am on April 7th, 2013

~9:30pm:  Had idea for liveblog in kitchen.

~9:35pm:  Am making pasta.  Roommates all ate dinner before me and left, no one to talk about liveblog with.

9:37pm:  Ostensibly checking noodles for appropriate firmness, but really I’m just eating wet noodles.

9:43pm:  Felt idea for liveblog solidify into an inevitability, similar to how a rollercoaster reaches the top of its initial hill and goes over (the little cranking sound, the disconcerting staircase)

9:45pm:  Thought about great moments in liveblogging history: AWP 2011, The Hobbit, Megan Boyle

9:46pm:  Thought about an anthology of liveblogs — “Best American Liveblogs”

9:50pm:  Began recording liveblog thoughts on a legal pad — does this count?  Handwritten liveblog?


10:00pm:  Finished pasta.  Used a bagel to “sop up” leftover sauce.  Felt excessive.


10:01pm:  Vague, unfinished thought about how getting a colonoscopy is like a handshake welcoming you to middle age.

10:02pm:  Awareness that liveblog liveblog is taking the place of time previously committed to exercise.

10:10pm:  Did dishes.  Thought about a piece of literature I read earlier and tried to formulate an opinion of it, couldn’t.

10:12pm:  “Toyed with” a theory I have that art that neither excites nor upsets could, and maybe, should be considered successful — not necessarily boring, but art that produces a calm indifference or zen-like lack of thoughts or opinions is reassuring in some ways.  I don’t expect people to agree with me about this, but I hope they do.

10:15pm:  Briefly wondered if I would end up regretting this liveblog and concluded “undoubtedly yes,” then recalled previous internet embarrassments and felt my asshole clench a little while a sudden weightlessness came over me.

10:17pm:  Finished dishes, looked at phone.

10:24pm:  Am watching Michigan – Syracuse basketball game on my computer via British stream of “ESPN America.”  The commercials are amusing.  It’s really early in the morning there (England).


10:30pm:  Realized my liveblog legal pad and blue pen are Michigan colors.  Go blue.

10:35pm:  Just remembered that I had a really funny, poignant observation about time zones earlier but now I can’t remember it.

10:42pm:  I couldn’t do the monkey bars as a kid but now I can do them no problem.  Go figure.

10:43pm:  Lol “go figure.”  Go fish.  Go Fishkind.

10:53pm:  I feel like they switched broadcasters at half time and I’m just now realizing it.

11:02pm:  I like it when the bands play instrumental versions of popular 90’s ska songs (Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) — that’s funny.

11:20pm:  Just realized I’m using my old macbook because I spilled whiskey on my new one which I took to get fixed today — god dammit, was trying not to think about that.  Fuck.

11:24pm:  Ugh.  Whiskey.  It went right in where the arrow keys are.  Funneled right in.  Liveblog.