most writing prompts suck

Posted by @ 6:57 pm on April 21st, 2010

So I will try a not-suck one (warning: it might suck). Begin your story/exercise this way:

Socks you wear daily (not yours), revolver, dog you love, dragged out back in the snow falling darkness, dragged behind the dumpster with gun placed to head…Go.

Now, go ahead, say that is lame. Hell, I agree. Way too many images. Crazy off-the-page-subtext. Even seems a bit forced, possibly melodramatic. Even leaning prescriptive.

That’s a prompt?

Maybe the genre of prompt is actually like swimming a true mile (anyone?), as in tougher-than-I-fucking-thought?

Well, fuck. And you. And You try. One sentence, please.

Can I get a non-cliche prompt?

I do not want 1. Which god are you? 2. You drank a milkshake and feel weird. 3. Knock, knock. What was that?

Anything else is cool.

Add your writing prompt (this might appear later in a textbook. And I’m the type of person to pay you .00002 % royalty as opposed to those bastards stealing your idea at 0001%, ha, ha [no, seriously, ha, ha]).

Uh. The point is write ONE sentence as a writing prompt. Let’s see it.