January 6th, 2011 / 3:37 pm

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  1. Guest

      Yr jokes are getting lazy. Or I just don’t get it.

  2. ed

      “Mailer.” Like, “the mail.” Get it?

  3. deadgod


  4. phmadore

      Kind of an insult to both parties, I think, so good work.

  5. Evan Hatch

      seems like anyone intelligent to get this joke would also be too intelligent to be amused by a pun of someone’s name

  6. Guest

      I get the pun. I just don’t get why it’s funny. That’s why I said it was lazy, dickhead.

  7. Jimmy Chen

      i hate it when people talk about intelligence

  8. Anonymous

      Turn around and congratulate yourself for being wrong.

      Your first name spelled backwards is NAVE.


  9. Joseph Ernest Harper

      Cool font.

  10. Anonymous

      using “dickhead” is pretty fucking lazy too.

  11. Guest

      So is spending all day posting comments on this website, dickhead.

  12. Matthew Simmons

      Have you heard the rumor about the anti-Castro pigeons that were hanging around Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was shot? Apparently they were milling about saying “Coup, coup.”

  13. Jimmy Chen

      first of all, what does that have to do with anything? second, that was great; should have been a snippet, or do a collection of them.

  14. Matthew Simmons

      Just sayin’: VIA PUNS! Meant to add that before I posted.

      (That one was borrowed from Bill Hicks.)

  15. Anonymous

      naw, I would call it “casual”. Lazy was when I had sex with Mather’s mom, sans condom.

  16. andrewworthington

      i like this book

  17. jh

      joke is better than the book, that much is obvious

  18. Aw971

      but the book is the joke (and vice-versa)

  19. Mathereider

      Hi Jereme.

  20. Mathereider

      Jesus, and you guys banned me? Jereme is talking about fucking my mother, which is incredibly apropos to…what, exactly? Let me tell everybody here, if I ever see jereme dean in person, I will give him the biggest hug he’s ever had, he needs it.

  21. Mathereider

      You see, jereme, the powers that be would rather have me back on here than allow you to claim you fucked my mother. What a gross, pre-pubescent thing to say.
      You do what you want, eh? Is that your philosophy? You do what you please, no matter what? While you let the girl pay your rent and cover for your bills?

  22. Mathereider

      So obvious, thank you jh for being so forthcoming.

  23. Mathereider

      You know I am only hear to engage Jereme Dean. I don’t care about your conversations about the past, present or future of literature. I have read David Foster Wallace and think he was pretty good. The Brief Interviews of Hideous Men was very good, with the exception of a couple of pieces, and the headache footnotes.

  24. Anonymous


      I said it to see if I was right. My assumption was that “guest” was you or someone associated with you based on the fact that Guest immediately went to using terms like “dickhead” for no apparent reason.

      And poof you appeared.

      See if you can find “Mind Games for Dummies” at B&N next time you visit.

  25. Anonymous