October 24th, 2010 / 12:03 pm

Why French is superior to English, or vice versa

Reason #81923: Animal Crackers



  1. Justin RM

      Ah, President’s Choice. “Worth switching supermarkets for” (or whatever).

  2. Kendra Grant Malone

      personally, i don’t trust a language that doesn’t have a word for queefing (they call it a pussy fart- which i feel is misleading).

  3. deadgod

      A bout de souffle is a great title, but did the Marxes gong the funny-tuning-fork in Biscuits en forme d’animaux?

  4. Guest


  5. lily hoang

      These are the best damn animal crackers I’ve ever had.

  6. lily hoang

      you make me smile, kendra.

  7. P. H. Madore

      And you drive the boys wild.

  8. zusya

      c’est tout craché

  9. lily hoang

      I have to admit: I think the French version of animal crackers is the best thing ever.

  10. frankhinton

      there is a term for queefing it’s “pete de plote”

  11. Amy McDaniel

      this reminds me of a jar of nutella that i got in iceland that had the ingredients translated in several scandinavian languages. one of them said: hazelnootpasta

  12. Jhon

      camels always think they’re better than everyone else.

  13. deadgod

      pete de plote and flatus vaginalis are more onomatopoetically accurate than “queef”, which sounds like a belch squeezing around glans penis.