October 23rd, 2014 / 2:20 pm

Blake sent me a password so I could write for HTMLGiant. It was “peeshirt.” I asked Amy what hers was, and it is equally funny. Anyone else get a funny PW from Blake? He is the best at that stuff.


  1. Amy McDaniel


  2. M. Kitchell


  3. shaun gannon

      whatthe3334 – it didn’t work though. the one Gene gave me did, and it may actually be even better – hot78sausage

  4. Daniel Bailey

      he once wrote “SKWATTIS” on a napkin that i was drawing on, and i loved the word so much that i used it as the title to a poem.

  5. shaun gannon

      Also, according to the site’s UI, WordPress 4.0 is now available, and I’m supposed to notify the site administrator. Is this where I do that?

  6. Melissa Broder

      mine was a variation on oohlawd666 (haven’t changed it so can’t give the exact pword)

  7. Melissa Broder

      why u never post here gannon?

  8. Melissa Broder

      feel like htmlgiant was cool until i started posting and then it wasn’t anymore

  9. shaun gannon

      i just got added today

  10. deadgod

      Melissa’s tweets are like this. If you’re on the twitter and you don’t follow her, what’s your problem.

  11. reynard seifert


  12. Rauan Klassnik

      mine contained a vegetable you see again when you go the bathroom

  13. reynard seifert


  14. Rauan Klassnik

      I’m bleeding, OMG, I am going to die !!!! (yes, beets) …..

  15. mimi

      gosh, beets
      and i was so sure it was corn

  16. Rauan Klassnik

      corn bleeds well. but beets bleed better. (I bombast this to myself 50x as fast I can while I brush my teeth on the toilet)

  17. deadgod


  18. Mark Cugini