Alan Dugan

I like Alan Dugan a lot. Also, sorry, pr.


I didn’t really know Alan Dugan’s work until very recently, but was introduced to it through the I assume well known Love Song: I and Thou. It was a part of a lecture I attended, and the lecturer had a friend of mine stand up and read it at the very end of the lecture, the “Okay, thanks a lot,” moment. (The lecture was about irony. Or Irony, I suppose. An old subject, but certainly one worthy of discussion, as it tends to be so often misidentified.)

Since then, I’ve picked up Poems Seven, and have been enjoying it.

Dugan is a straight-ahead sort of writing, but he’s apparently also very formal. A fine combination.

Here’s my favorite:

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February 13th, 2009 / 6:22 pm