Amanda Hocking all goth and coffee

persnickety 11 sleep chucks

8. Slate says DFW would not have sent Pale King to a publisher. Awkward analogy alert:

The Pale King is not a finished object. Reviewing it as a novel is like eating whatever was in a dead person’s fridge and calling it a dinner party and comparing it to the dinner parties the deceased gave in the past.

9. Now that Amanda Hocking has sold out to become a go-go-gillionairre, Forbes weighs in.

Nine. The new JMWW is out.

10. Kevin Brockmeier interview.

I broach my sentences one tiny piece at a time. That’s always how it is for me — slow and considered. I’ll work and work at one little cluster of words. Then, when its rhythms are in place, I’ll move on.

11. John Gardner Fiction Contest ends in 9 days.

12. Ever watched video of your own self reading? How did that go?

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April 6th, 2011 / 8:19 am