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Drugs (a guest post from the Tyrant, Giancarlo DiTrapano)


The Tyrant‘s got some questions:

You write, man?  You do drugs, man?  You do drugs and write, man?  I don’t want to count drinking as drugs but I guess I will if you’re going to fucking make me.  Man, those drinkers sure knew how to write, didn’t they?  You know who they are. What happened to that? Did anything happen to that? I’ve tried to drink and write but I always want to talk once I’ve had a drink so I end up at my computer facing a blank word doc, but then I’m fast on the phone with a childhood friend or someone else I usually wouldn’t want to talk to.  But (some) drugs are different.  They make you think faster or slower or better. Maybe they allow you to think of things from your past that you can’t bear to think of sober.  Some say they give you “Ass Power” and now I bet you want to know what that is. I heard an interview with Tony Robbins (that giant-mouthed guy) talking with Quincy Jones about Michael Jackson recording Thriller and all the “Ass Power” Michael Jackson had. “Ass Power” is the power to keep your ass seated and get some fucking work done.  Do drugs give you “Ass Power” or “Word Power” or “Story Power” or whatever the fuck you think you have or had when you wrote that story that you think is so good but no one will publish?  Let’s hear it.  You get high and write?  Snap tubes, brah?  Pop Xannies? Bumpsters? What do you drink, smoke, snort, run when you write? Or maybe you do nothing at all. Let’s hear it, cokeheads.

P.S   a) The Tony Robbins story is true.

b) What’s your guy’s number?

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October 20th, 2009 / 10:18 pm