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The great Bill Hayward–film-maker, regular NOON photography contributor, all-around badass, and occasional collaborator of mine–has been staging his ongoing multi-disciplinary work, The Intimacies Project, from the Northwest wing of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The project went up on the 20th and lasts till the 29th. Now Bill’s got a couple of poets–illustrious poet-couple, Claire Donato and Jeff Johnson–blogging the experience live from the site, mostly in verse. From the site:

THE INTIMACIES PROJECT at 41st Street & 8th Avenue is a daring multi-media event about relationships and the impossibility of love.  This visual art installation and live performance is a rare look at the danger of intimacy expressed through dance, music, film, images, and audience participation. The installation incites individuals to focus on emotion while they are in motion. Commuters and passersby are invited to participate by sharing their thoughts and feelings in response to questions about relationships and love.

Cover to Cover: NOON, Part 4 – Bill Hayward Day

FIREBALL!Those of you who have been following “Cover to Cover” probably remember that I ended Part 3 with the announcement that Part 4, about Bill Hayward and his Collaborative Self-Portraits project, would come in the form of a guest-post on Dennis Cooper’s The Weaklings, in an unprecedented Giant/Coop crossover. Well, today is the day you learn all about those amazing photos that appear in every issue of NOON, as well as about the man behind the camera and his many other projects. My multi-media Q&A with Bill will be on the top of DC’s blog until Monday, but the permanent link for it is here. You can leave any comments on this thread or over at the post on DC’s blog. And now, I’m off to get ready to go to You’re Not Alone, the Rumpus/McSweeney’s/6word event that we gave away tickets to earlier this week. Catch ya’ll on the flipside.

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May 30th, 2009 / 4:39 pm