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Birkensnake #5 is now available

Birkensnake #5 cover by Chemlawn (2012).

Ever since its first appearance in 2008, Birkensnake has been one of my favorite fiction journals. It always includes quality work, and is always made available online in addition to its very pretty print editions (a model that I wish more print journals would adopt).

Issue #5 is now online here. And the print edition, which is now completely free (yes!), is available here. (All of the back issues are also available for free now, too—though note that donations are welcome.)

Meanwhile, Birkensnake #6—which will be edited by seven different pairs of editors, and released in seven different editions—is currently accepting submissions.

Finally, here’s a Black Clock interview with Brian Conn and Joanna Ruocco, Birkensnake‘s founders and editors.

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September 21st, 2012 / 10:16 am

Black Clock open to web subs

Black Clock has always been abysmally slow in their return of reading: last week I got a response from them for stuff I’d sent over a year before, and had since retracted, though this was better than the two other times I submitted, in which I received no response at all.

Hopefully that will take a swing for the better now that they’ve switched their submission policy over to include electronic subs via their website, though we’ll see.

Even despite the long slur, Black Clock has long been one of my favorite to look at lit mags, they make beautiful issues that feature really strong language and image based work, plus its edited by the masterful Steve Erickson. Give it a roll of the dice.

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October 2nd, 2008 / 12:25 pm