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LYMEN: Dispatch One

Thursday, August 15th, 2013


Between any two points in space
you can always draw a straight line
but where is the way
between the same place

— Tomaž Šalamun

: : : : :

AT THE BEGINNING of July, I decided to be homeless. Planning as I am anyway to relocate to Minneapolis later this autumn, I figured I could save some money by constellating the couches of my Portland friends in my last few months, easing the transition and in addition experiencing the place I’ve spent the last decade with untethered eyes, defamiliarize the scapes so long mutually imprinting.

It felt good, taking this risk. Already broke and unemployed with the exception of a few occasional odd jobs whose wages tend to burn away all but immediately, my suddenly being without steady roof seemed dreamily bohemian in a sense far more extreme than has been the case for a long while now.


I thought of Jarmusch’s first feature, PERMANENT VACATION. I felt inspired. I went to Powell’s and found a used copy of MALDOROR in an edition I’d been looking for for years. This edition appears in the film. Ally, the protagonist, reads a passage leading up to the most brutal scene in the book, before tossing the book onto the table and wearily rubbing his eyes.


“I’m tired of this book you can have it.”

Parsing to essentials is always gratifying, but I need to read at least two books at a time or else I’m unable to navigate my own consciousness. The affinities *across* the books & films that’re my prime sustenance also form the key that itself contains the door thru which I’m passing, the act of traversal the portal become hallway in a state of suspended liminality I’ve made it my intention to study.


An Interview with Cassandra Troyan about the EAR EATER Reading Series

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Cassandra Troyan & Sara Drake run a (somewhat) monthly reading series out of their apartment in Chicago. Having attended a few of the readings myself, I found myself particularly interested in what Troyan & Drake have accomplished: each reading series brings together (mostly young) people from various backgrounds (though mostly related to the arts/humanities) into an enclosed space to hear 4 or 5 readers. The events straddle the line between house party & art opening (and indeed, at one event there was art displayed on the walls), but it’s the words that get center stage here. I sent Cassandra a few questions through Facebook about the reading series, and hey here they are:

M: I am always interested in the way that people who take a D-I-Y approach to life manage to turn private spaces (the home, for instance) into public, communal spaces. Living in a “college town,” as I’ve spent my entire life doing, it seems more likely to find people at a huge house party than a bar or “club.” When it comes to event spaces, I also often find the non-affiliated to be more comfortable, even more rewarding. People have art shows in their apartment to escape the realm of an institutionalized sense of curation, people have bands play in basements to crowds of many to avoid booking agents and dealing with venue crap, and now you & Sara Drake have opened up your apartment as an area for readings, something that seems to happen most often at bars or academic spaces. What circumstances found you guys deciding to start the Ear Eater reading series?

Cassandra: Much of the circumstances you mention are similar to the experiences and situations shared by Sara and I, which all influenced the desire to create EAR EATER. I went to undergrad at the behemoth institution, Ohio State University, in the notoriously college-run town of Columbus, Ohio. I think precisely because of this, most of my social interactions turned more traditionally private spaces into sites of collectivity.