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“…philosophy is music, music is philosophy, and the other way round.” – Thomas Bernhard

Saturday, December 11th, 2010


Abner Jay reinverts the age-old ‘looking for a virgin’ myth in “Don’t Mess With Me Baby.”


Anthony Braxton called Abner Jay an American master.


New Excellent Crawl

Friday, February 5th, 2010

“He’d say, ‘If it is familiar, it has not eaten you yet.’ ” -on cognitive fluency and disfluency.

GW: My only interest in photographing is photography. That’s really the answer. -an interview with photographer Garry Winogrand.

Yes yes yes! Bookforum editor and The Awl contributor Chris Lehmann has signed a book deal with Or Books–he’s expanding Rich People Things, a series originally for The Awl. Details here. Congratulations, Chris!

Weak human + machine + better process was superior to a strong computer alone and, more remarkably, superior to a strong human + machine + inferior process. -Garry Kasparov on chess and computers.


Writing the Great American Video Game.