Literary Lessons from Metal Magazines: A Constant Variation in a Series

Cradle of Filth, uh, Rock.

Let’s head bang! I picked up the magazine Metal Edge (I like free CDs) the other day and I must say, I think I like Metal Maniacs better. Metal Edge’s list of the Greatest Frontmen in Metal made my eyeballs spit bacon (thanks Blake!).  But I hate to complain. All these hard working metal journalists, not to mention the bands, make me happy. I had known about H. P. Lovecraft’s invented monster/thing/force, Cthulhu, but I didn’t know all the various bands that refer to him/it in their music (Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Catacombs, The Black Dahlia Murder (I like James Ellroy’s WORK, WORKEDY WORK- that is for you Blake, and I once owned a first edition of White Jazz signed by Ellroy with this inscription “Fear this evil book”- it was stolen by a douchy editor from New York Magazine))!  I also really enjoyed the little write up on Cthulhu by Matt Cibula and thought it worthy to share with my fellow htmlgianters who dig metal:


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Other than to say, thanks Amy, for the tip! (Also, this came from here.)

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